Thanks to all of those who helped on our GRTR journey. GRTR is having a coming out party. Helping license some amazing brands across cannabis and…

November 2022

$185M spent to help increase representation of black entrepreneurs thrive in the industry

January 2022

The affordable, high-quality product [brought to you by GRTR] is for “adults who hate bedtime”

July 2021

Cannabis is a PED? Athletes past and present voice support for cannabis. CT goes adult-use.

June 2021

TOP 5 Cannabis Trends This Month: 🍄 More and more US states are opening up to psychedelics. In the next few years we could see possession charges for…

May 2021

TOP 5 Cannabis Trends This Month: 📈 Cannabis sales surged in march. Notably, California set an all time high with sales of $349 million growing 22…

April 2021


March 2021

Houseplant's US launch is here, and it's following the cannabis land rush

February 2021

TOP 5 Cannabis Trends This Month: 📈 Brightfield Group predicts that the global CBD market is estimated to grow from $2 billion currently to $10…

January 2021

2020 was a year of up and downs for cannabis and the world at large. Thanks to our 5000+ subscribers for tuning in. As usual, we’re rounding up the most…

December 2020

TOP 5: Our top 5 trends in the cannabis industry this month: 📈Canadian cannabis stocks are soaring post-election. Daily trading volumes have increased…

November 2020