Higher Education: The January Roundup

TOP 5 Cannabis Trends This Month:

📈 Brightfield Group predicts that the global CBD market is estimated to grow from $2 billion currently to $10 billion+ by 2025. The market has been growing quickly, but there is no single true market leader yet.

😷 Cannabis companies are signing letters to try to place cannabis workers into the 1b group for vaccinations. Companies are arguing that they were deemed “essential” at the beginning of quarantine, but not when it comes to the vaccine.

💰 3 states have entered the billion-dollar club in 2020. Colorado passed $2 billion in revenue in 2020. California is still in the process of tracking, but they are projected to reach a billion in sales in 2020. Finally, Massachusetts has passed $1 billion in gross sales.

🇺🇸 In 2018 funds moved from the U.S. to Canadian cannabis companies, this is currently being reversed. By 2025 the U.S. is projected to have 5x as many sales as Canada.

🍃 Arizona’s adult-use demand has been very strong, and there have been signs of shortages in the near future.

👋 Honorable Mention: This week we are proud to announce our new Partner Charlie DePew has joined the Greater team. He’s worked extensively the last few years as a creative marketer and content producer for the Cannabis space. He produced and directed the second most-watched Cannabis commercial in history (right behind MedMen’s New Normal) for Flower Co. With his addition, we now have access to a new DSP platform that allows us to advertise targeted cannabis ads to some of the biggest publishers in the world such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Vice, and many more. If you want to get in contact with Charlie, his email is charlie@greaterholdings.co.

Another year, another LeafLink data set for product pricing.

Some big surprises we saw👇

  • Cartridges, nationwide, was the most stable category. It only decreased 1% YOY.

  • Concentrates, nationwide, increased by over 7% YOY. However, Maryland (-10%), Nevada (-9%), and Oklahoma (-19%) saw decreases.

  • Edibles and ingestibles, nationwide, decreased 11%. This was the biggest decrease of any category.

  • Flower, nationwide, increased 18%. This was driven by Colorado (+22%) and Arizona (+32%).

  • Pre-rolls, nationwide, remained stable. Overall, they increased by 2% YOY. This was driven up by Michigan (+25%).

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is on the record saying that lawmakers are in the process of merging multiple cannabis bills. One of those bills, the Marijuana and Opportunity act is included. The goal of this bill is to federally deschedule cannabis and give back to communities affected by the drug war. The MORE Act could also be included, although not specified.

In addition, Schumer and Harrington said “they both want to make it so the Food and Drug Administration does not impose excess regulations on existing cannabis businesses when legalization is implemented.”

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Tuatara Capital Acquisition just recently filed for an IPO to raise $150 million. At the proposed deal size, Tuatara Capital Acquisition would command a market value of $188 million. The company is led by CEO and Director Albert Foreman, COO and Director Mark Zittman, and Chairman Richard Taney, the former CEO of Curaleaf.

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Co-Founder of Cresco Labs Joe Caltabiano has 4 predictions for cannabis in 2021:

  1. The East Coast will become a formidable force: New Jersey just legalized adult-use cannabis, and they will now put pressure on New York and Pennsylvania to legalize adult-use cannabis as quickly as they can.

  2. Cannabis M&A will accelerate: The senate has flipped, and soon we will surely see an influx of capital. Many have been patiently waiting and it will pay off soon.

  3. SPAC’s will stay on the rise: Cannabis lacks conventional funding sources, and that why SPAC’s are so valuable in this space. With Akerna, Ayr Strategies, and Submersive Capital all raising money through this method, it will surely be a similar trajectory in 2021.

  4. Profitability is King: As large investors enter the market, expect to see more traditional metrics to be a big measure of companies’ success. In the past, we saw companies with negative cash flows and other red flags being supported. This could shift in 2021.

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