Higher Education: June was a BIG Cannabis month

Cannabis is a PED? Athletes past and present voice support for cannabis. CT goes adult-use.

What a month, what happened in June? A few of our most notables moments of the month below 👇

🥇 After first becoming a national sensation during Olympic qualifying Sha’Carri Richardson ended up on a much larger national stage following a positive THC test.  The Fastest Woman in America was open about her use of cannabis in connection with the passing of her mother and has energized an important national dialogue.

🌿 Although his time on air was in its final days, Conan O’Brian saved some of his best content for last with guest Seth Rogen.   A conversation about the host’s impending retirement led to Rogen pulling out a joint from his shirt pocket that Conan then lit and the pair smoked on air

🧾 Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas made waves when he penned an opinion calling cannabis prohibition into question and pointed out “the federal government’s current approach is is half-in, half-out regime that simultaneously tolerates and forbids local use of marijuana.”  [source]

🇺🇸 Connecticut Becomes #19 - Governor Ned Lamont signed a bill into law legalizing cannabis in the Nutmeg State.  As in other states that have legalized through the legislature, the road wasn’t exactly smooth, but we weren't surprised to see a deal get done in the wake of recent reform success in neighboring New York. [source]

💰 Massachusetts market booming with cannabis deliveries going live and Old Pal announcing the brand’s entry into the state.  Man, we can’t wait to try the brownies

Xoxo, GRTR